Cassie Rolfe

Four year-old Teacher, Educational Leader and Nominated Supervisor

My name is Cassie Rolfe and I am the teacher for the four year old group at Birralee Preschool. I have been at Birralee for almost two years. I was the four year old teacher at another Preschool prior to coming here and I was there for 7 years. Previously I worked as a co-educator in a Montessori Preschool in Collingwood. I am very passionate about Early Childhood education and educating children in the 3-5 age group. I believe that we as educators are educating our future leaders and that education really begins from birth. Our parents are our first educators and then we share the educating with our early childhood professionals. Children are very interesting people and we need to give them the respect and time to become their own beings. Play is such an important part of childhood and I feel my role is to facilitate high quality play experiences for the children in my care. I have two of my own children who are in their late primary school and middle high school years. They both attended sessional preschools during their early childhood years. In my spare time I love to sing both in a choir and with a duo. I love reading books, watching movies and series’, cooking with my children and being with my family and friends.

Emily Brown

Three year old Teacher

My name is Emily and I joined Birralee Preschool as the three year old teacher in 2019. Prior to this, I have worked in long day care kinder and as a casual relief teacher. I like to create a warm, welcoming environment for children, where they feel secure, supported and happy. I believe in a flexible, play based program that encourages children to develop confidence, independence, respectful relationships, engage with the natural world and follow and extend on their curiosities. I love working with the three year old group and find it very rewarding to see them developing new skills and sense of self. In my spare time I like reading, cooking, walking my dog and spending time with my family.

Bronwyn Baker

Three year-old Co-Educator

I’m Bronwyn and I am the three-year-old Co-educator at Birralee. I started working in the early childhood sector in 2011 when my youngest child was in prep, in a previous life before children I worked in a bank. I started work at Birralee in 2016 and look forward to many years of helping the young people of Vermont learn through laughter, stories, fun and play.

Robyn Bird

Four year-old Co-educator

I live with my family in Vermont South and my children have been successfully educated at local Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools. Subsequently, I am very familiar with local amenities and community groups which support and nurture children and families in this area.
I have enjoyed more than 20 years of employment in Early Childhood Education, mostly here at Birralee Pre School. It is a privilege for me to share in the commitment of promoting high self esteem and self confidence in pre school children, as a solid base from which they will navigate through the education system and life itself.
I enjoy all types of music, hiking and the outdoors in general. I love to travel in Europe and have a keen interest in its geography and history. I follow AFL and have been involved in local football with my family. The connections I have made in the local community have been wonderful.