4 Year Old Kinder Program

  • Birralee Preschool proudly offers a quality educational curriculum which is developmentally appropriate for the 4 year old kinder group child and under the guidelines of “The Early Years Learning Framework”.

  • Active Learning is the bases of the program and are supported by the 5 “Early Years Learning Framework” – Outcomes, Identity, Community, Wellbeing, Learning and Communication.

  • Children learn best by doing rather than being told, so active learning is the heart of our developmentally orientated pre school program. The children are positively encouraged to explore with their senses, use their bodies, practise developing skills, develop independence and exercise creativity.

  • Music, movement, discussion, exercise and cooking experiences  along with incursion and excursions are planned for- so as to encourage and stimulate the kinder group child.

  • The staff and community provide a caring and stimulating environment  where each  individual child is valued. The social, emotional, physical & cognitive development of each child is assessed and planned for through natural, spontaneous play facilitating growth towards the next stage of development. The children have fun, learn to play, develop relationships and care for their environment.


We have recycling bins in the room for the children to use, we use recycled products in our craft, we have a vegie patch, water tanks, compost bin. 

When permitted 


Such as Melbourne Museum, Drumming incursion, Wildlife, librarian visit.