Food Information

We here at Birralee Pre-School value the importance of good healthy eating and physical activity and the impact that has on the overall health and well being of our children.

We encourage all children and families to:

– make good healthy food choices
– participate in physical activities
– and to live a healthy lifestyle

The 3 year old program sits together to eat a morning tea snack each session. 

The 4 year old program has two separate eating times. They are required to bring a morning tea snack as well as a healthy lunch.

Children from both programs are also required to bring along water in a drink bottle labelled with the child’s name.

Some examples of a healthy morning tea include:

– Fresh Fruit
– Dried Fruit
– Cheese 
– Yoghurt
– Veggies (cooked or uncooked)
– Savoury muffins

Some examples of a healthy lunch include:

– Sandwiches with healthy fillings (no nuts or nut related spreads like peanut butter
– Small mini meals such as friend rice

Please keep in mind that lunches and snacks are stored on a trolley and not in a fridge when selecting food.

– Any products containing nuts

– Chocolates, chips and lollies

– Sweet biscuits (i.e. chocolate coated biscuits)

– Highly processed food like fruit roll-ups

– Museli bars (as they often contain nuts)